Case Altia

Award-winning Renault Cognac gift packaging exemplifies the printing properties of Carta Elega

Case Altia Renault Cognac Altia is a leading wine and spirits company in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and the sixth largest cognac house in the world. Renault is one of Altia’s own cognac brands. The flagship of the brand family, Renault Cognac Carte D’Argent X.O., won the Pakkaus Suomesta 2014 (Package from Finland 2014) competition with its new and improved innovative packaging.

The gift packaging was revamped as part of the entire Renault family’s design reform. “All of Renault’s packaging materials, printing, closing mechanisms, labels and transport cases were renewed. As a whole, the project was very comprehensive and versatile”, says Juha Ylisiurua, Head of Packaging Development at Altia.

Taking the premium feel to the next level

According to Ylisiurua, the modern and high-quality packages were designed to highlight the premium image of the brand. Carta Elega was chosen as the material because of its pure white surface and excellent printing properties. The surface properties enabled the deep black brand color to be reproduced faithfully and the use of an even UV varnish and foil to finish it off.

Consumer evaluations and 3D images were used in the design process. For example, a new type of magnetic lock and new structure of the package were tested. The thorough renewal process helped to achieve the goal of increasing the brand value of Renault and modernizing the versatile packaging.

“The packaging delivers a wow-effect to the consumer and evokes the feeling of a luxury product,” says Teemu Jormanainen, Packaging Designer at Pyroll.

​Key facts
​Product:​Renault cognac gift package
​Board supplier:​Metsä Board
​Board grade:​Carta Elega

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