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Carta Solida presents and protects a special silver coin

Carta Solida presents and protects a special silver coin

Mint of Finland designs, markets and manufactures blanks, coins and coinages. Owned by the Republic of Finland, it is the strongest mint in the euro area and the leading global exporter of coins.

In honor of Jean Sibelius (1865–1957), a Finnish composer of the Late Romantic period, Mint of Finland released a special collector coin at the beginning of the year. 2015 is the 150th anniversary of the composer’s birth.

Designed by artist Nora Tapper, the collector coin bears the landscape of Ainola and Sibelius’ favored instrument, the violin. The coins are struck in silver, with a nominal value of 10 euros, and in gold with a nominal value of 100 euros. The silver Jean Sibelius coins are the first Finnish collector coins to be granted the Key Flag label of Finnish origin.

A classic package suitable for gift-giving and preserving

An elegant and festive package was needed to emphasize the coin’s design and the cultural heritage behind it. Mint of Finland also wanted the package to be produced environmentally friendly and to serve as a quality gift package.

With these criteria in mind, Metsä Board’s Carta Solida with its bright looks, stiffness and good printing properties, was chosen as the cartonboard. A black and white photograph with violet effects adorns the cover, and the surface of the package is finished with varnish and foil.

The end result is a package that endures over time in all respects.

​Key facts
​Brand owner:​Mint of Finland Group
​Brand:​Jean Sibelius collector coin
​Board supplier:​Metsä Board
​Board grader:​Carta Solida

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