Carta Solida for innovative folding box developed for Triumph International’s Sloggi brand  

Case Sloggi Men 'Match'

Perfect fit for Sloggi Men 'Match' packaging

Carta Solida has been selected for a new, innovative folding box developed for Triumph International’s Sloggi brand. Sloggi’s Men ‘Match’ packaging adds to the consumer experience by providing an easy opening and reclosable pack design. Consumers can view and examine the packed product in store, but not remove it, and then close the packaging again without damaging it. The problem of having damaged, destroyed or partially empty packs in the shop has been eliminated through the new innovative design.

Award success

This creative multipack solution has recently been awarded the prestigious ‘Deutsche Verpackungspreis‘ in the Design and Processing category. The design was developed by the A&R innovation team and is manufactured by the A&R Carton plant in Graz, Austria.

When deciding which paperboard to use A&R Carton wanted a high quality product that performed well both in respect to printing and conversion.

Norbert Randl, Team Lead Print & Production at Triumph, comments: “The requirements for the packaging of the Sloggi Men ‘Match’ range are not only fulfilled by Carta Solida because of its extremely low weight, it also scores with very good surface properties and a high tensile strength. These features have proved their worth and since the launch in Spring 2013, the Men ‘Match’ has become a successful long-term brand for Sloggi.”​

Founded in 1979, Sloggi today offers a wide range of lingerie and swimwear for women and men. The parent ​company Triumph markets its products in more than 120 countries.
​Brand owner:​Triumph International GmbH
​Converter:​A & R Carton Graz GmbH​
​Board supplier:​Metsä Board
​Board grade:​Carta Solida



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