White linerboards for flexo and litholamination

Benefit from a wider choice – White linerboards for flexo and litholamination



Global megatrends are creating new challenges for corrugated packaging, so Metsä Board has extended its containerboard range. It offers a wider choice not only for flexo printing, but also for litholamination. With the right liner choice and our know-how, you can meet the most demanding packaging needs quickly, cost-efficiently and responsibly.

All our liners are made from fresh fibres and suitable for packaging food and other sensitive products.

Linerboards for flexo printing

As marketing media becomes increasingly fragmented, high-quality packaging plays an ever-greater role. One effect of this is that retail ready packaging is also flourishing.

Metsä Board linerboards offer various design and structure options for retail ready, sales-improving packaging that performs equally well during transportation and at point of sale. Flexo technology ensures vivid color areas and details both in preprint and postprint.

Typical packaging applications:

  • high end consumer and retail packaging
  • shelf-ready packaging
  • point-of-sale solutions and displays
  • trays
  • boxes

Many different end-uses:

  • processed foods
  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • beverages
  • wine and spirits
  • consumer electronics
  • home appliances
  • DIY and gardening tools
  • glassware
  • toys
  • cut-sized paper
  • footwear


Linerboards for litholamination

New challenges demand new solutions. Global consumer megatrends are driving new requirements for packaging. For exaple in response to the shortening packaging value chain, the packaging providers are increasingly looking to litholamination.

Metsä Board’s litholamination portfolio provides an optimal product for every lightweight packaging and fast food application as well as for point of sale.

Litholamination combines extremely high quality graphics with the option to do short production runs.

Typical packaging applications:

  • high end consumer and retail packaging – especially small and lightweight packs
  • online and mail order packaging
  • point-of-sale solutions and displays
  • fast food applications

Many different end-uses:

  • food and beverages
  • wine
  • perfumes, beauty care, personal care
  • healthcare and pharma
  • electronics
  • cooking utensils
  • consumer durables
  • shopping bags