Board for beverage packaging

Strong boards that convert with creativity 



The drinks market is highly competitive, so packaging has an important role to play in making a brand stand out. Whether for a premium liqueur or a craft beer, the package needs to reflect the brand’s personality. Differentiation by special editions or duty-free only packs necessitates shorter runs and adaptability.

Beverage packaging for multipacks and bag-in-box

Consumers’ lifestyles are changing, and consumption at home or outdoors is increasing. An increasing emphasis on fitness and health has inspired new soft drinks, including energy, nutritional and breakfast drinks for people with busy schedules. Multipacks and bag-in-box solutions provide convenience, portability and cost effectiveness.

Metsä Board’s portfolio of fresh fibre cartonboards and linerboards provides brand owners and converters with excellent options for beverage packaging. Their surface characteristics enable them to feature bright colours and images. They are strong and convert well, with good endurance whenever cut-outs, handles or taps are included. For additional advice and ideas, our experts can give you tips from design, product choice, print and conversion.

This range of boards is recommended for:

  • Bag-in-box (BiB)
  • Multipacks and cases
  • Wines, spirits and liqueurs
  • Beer and cider
  • Soft and energy drinks
  • Water

Other board  end uses