Electronics packaging

New technology needs packaging to match.

Consumer electronics


Consumer electronics goods are purchased through many routes - from supermarkets or high street stores, or also increasingly online, for home delivery or click and collect. Packaging must be attractive in a retail environment, and arrive at its destination in good shape. Specially designed packages can enhance brands and reassure consumers they’ve received the genuine article.

Strong and durable electronics packaging

Sustainability and lightness without loss of strength are important to take into consideration. Paperboards must offer superb protection, both in transit and with the addition of brand security devices.

Metsä Board’s packaging grades give excellent value resulting from lightweighting combined with high strength. They ensure good reproduction of brand colours and images, with a surface that’s perfect for the addition of special effects. They are available through our global sales network.

All our boards can be used with confidence, backed up by our recommendations and technical expertise.

This range of boards is recommended for Packaging:

  • Mobile phones, tablets and handheld devices
  • Laptops and printers
  • Home appliances
  • Personal care electronics
  • Entertainment electronics
  • Sport electronics, fitness monitors and accessories

Other board end uses