Board for food packaging

Efficient food packaging with purity



Lifestyle trends are driving many changes in the way we buy food. Busy people increasingly want convenience, ready meals, small portions or food on the go. In contrast, many people want to take more time to source organic foods, browse markets and explore world cuisine.

Food packaging must meet changing expectations. Fresh fibre paperboard meets consumer demand for packaging materials that are safe and functional. It is recognised as coming from sustainable sources, and can be recycled eco-efficiently. Consumers appreciate efficient packaging that also prevents food waste.

Light weight and purity for food packaging

Brand owners, converters and retailers need a cost-effective material that excels in promoting the product. Our paperboard gives excellent yield and lightness without loss of strength. It can be adapted for different applications from pizzas to chocolate boxes and printed and converted using even the most challenging designs.

Metsä Board has a portfolio of paperboards specifically designed for food packaging. Made from fresh fibres, our paperboards ensure purity and consistency. Backed up by our recommendations and technical services, our boards can be used with confidence. We also offer packaging optimisation, and other value added services.

This range of boards is recommended for packaging:

  • Dry foods, e.g. pasta, rice, ready to eat cereals, flakes and beans
  • Frozen and chilled foods, e.g. pizza, ready made meals, fish and seafood
  • Dry beverages, e.g. tea, coffee, cocoa
  • Chocolate and confectionery
  • Biscuits and bakery products
  • Dairy products, e.g. yoghurt multipacks, ice cream, cheese
  • Fresh foods such as unprocessed fruit and vegetables
  • Pet foods and treats