Board for graphics

Perfect performance with print and special finishes

Graphics applications


High quality printed material provides impact, tactile qualities and high retention of both information and advertising messages. It remains the medium of choice for promotional material with a look and feel that appeals to the senses. And there’s nothing that sends a personal message quite like a greetings card.

Printers and publishers need a reliable medium that ensures excellent print results. For short runs or personalisation it is essential that paperboards are suitable for digital print. It’s ideal for special promotions, events and celebrations. Whatever the printing method, our aim is to deliver paperboards that produce optimal results.

Metsä Board’s graphics boards are ideal for the most demanding print and special finishes enhancing content and adding personal touch. Made from renewable fresh fibres, they are a sustainable choice with a low carbon footprint.

This range of boards is recommended for:

  • Cards and calendars
  • Covers and folders
  • Media packs
  • Advertising and POS materials
  • Tags and labels

Other board end uses