Pharmaceutical packaging

Brand integrity with a pure look



Whether for over the counter (OTC) or prescription products, packaging for pharmaceuticals must comply with legislation and provide consumers with reassurance about product safety and brand integrity. Its cleanliness must be reflected in a pure look, and it should feel robust and protective. Print must be easy to read, with accurate Braille and coding features.

Paperboard for healthcare packaging should possess good consistency that translates into reliability on the printing and packaging lines, in both short and long runs. For global brands, boards must have wide availability also for local markets.

Packaging boards developed for healthcare

Metsä Board has developed boards that are dedicated to healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging, offering excellent visual consistency, as well as efficiency in converting and printing. Their surface is designed for the addition of special effects and coding, and their good white shade is essential for this market. Being made from pure fresh fibres, they also have excellent sensory properties.

You can use our boards with confidence, backed up by our recommendations and technical expertise. We also offer packaging optimisation and technical training.

This range of boards is recommended for packaging:

  • Prescription and OTC drugs
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Herbal medicines
  • Hygiene and bodycare products

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Other board end uses