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Paperboard is a versatile packaging material that can be used for many products and applications. It is trusted by consumers, performs superbly, and is an ideal medium for messages designed to attract the eye and inform. Paperboard’s renewability and recyclability also make it highly valued as a sustainable solution.

Our boards are designed to meet customers’ needs in three key packaging categories: Consumer goods, food service and retail-ready. Our experienced, technical experts are ready to help you make your choice, and to guide you every step of the way.

End uses

Paperboard end uses

Our fresh fibre paperboards are ideal for many applications

Our lightweight, sustainable boards are suitable for many different types of packaging. Each board has been developed with a particular end-use in mind. Here is a quick guide to help you find a board grade that’s just right for you.


Paperboard for various packaging end uses

High performance with  sustainability

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Food service boards


To meet our customers’ needs, Metsä Board’s products combine excellent functionality with a deep commitment to responsibility.

Our extensive range of paperboards includes cartonboards and linerboards for packaging. What sets our paperboards apart is their lightness combined with strength, which gives yield advantages. Each grade is designed with a specific end-use in mind.

All our boards are made from fresh fibres, which can be traced back to their source in sustainably managed northern forests. Fresh fibres are pure by nature and our boards ideal for food and confectionery as well as for sensitive health and beauty products.

Our boards are sustainable packaging materials that can play an important role in the circular economy. When combined with our technical expertise and packaging services, they make an unbeatable package.


Metsä Board experts are ready to help you achieve the very best out of your packaging. We can guide you every step of the way, whether in sustainability, pack design, printing or converting - find out more here.


Our paperboards start their life in sustainably managed forests

Forests are of vital importance to Metsä Board.

Northern forests provide the wood that is the core raw material for paperboard. It’s essential for local communities that grow and harvest the wood to do so in a sustainable way.

We have much to tell you about forest ownership and management, how we can trace the wood back to its source, and the certification systems we follow.  Without forests we would have no paperboard, so it’s in everyone’s best interests to look after them.


The types of pulp used in production of our paperboards are chemical and mechanical pulps

We are self-sufficient in pulp supply

Both chemical and mechanical pulps are used in the production of our paperboards.


Before wood becomes paperboard, it first has to be turned into pulp.  Pulp may be used immediately, or dried for shipment to the board mill. The properties of the pulps define the quality of the paperboard, in terms of consistency, whiteness and stiffness.

All of the pulp Metsä Board uses is either made in our own mills or produced by Metsä Fibre within Metsä Group. This gives us a high degree of control over the quality and availability of pulp, which in turn greatly benefits our customers. We also have a strong commitment to research and development in pulp production, so our products are continually improved.

Circular economy

The circular economy

Our paperboards contribute to the circular economy

They are recyclable, biodegradable and can be used for bioenergy.

Paperboard is an ideal material for use as part of a circular economy, where raw materials are recovered after their primary use and then used again in the same way or for new purposes. Paperboard is well recognised as a recyclable material, and its fibres form the basis of recycled paper and board.

When fibres can no longer by recycled, they can still make an important contribution to energy production. 

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