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Metsä Board experts are ready to help you to achieve the best

Brand owners and converters are constantly looking for ways to improve packaging performance across value chains. At Metsä Board our experts are ready to help you achieve the very best out of your packaging by offering a combination of products, services and expertise to optimise the end result.

Packaging recommendations

Packaging recommendations  

We help identify the board that offers optimal functional and visual properties for the specific demands of each packaging end-use. This ensures that you use a fit-for-purpose board of the highest quality.

Converting and packaging consulting

Converting and packaging consulting  

Our worldwide technical team is dedicated to providing solutions for printing, converting and packaging. Their work helps maximise productivity and quality with flawless results. At Metsä Board we believe our mutual goal should be to realise the full potential of all the possibilities our boards offer.

Packaging services

Packaging services  

Companies around the world already benefit from the additional value that our packaging service brings to their use of our linerboards and cartonboards. Our services range from global packaging strategy and market intelligence to cost analysis, design and laboratory testing. Our innovative approaches to packaging lower costs, improve efficiency and enhance sustainability.

Research and product development

Research and development  

Sharing innovations, knowledge and best practice with our customers and within Metsä Group brings synergistic benefits. We also participate in joint research projects with co-suppliers, research organisations and universities. Our ever-expanding knowledge base makes our products market leaders, optimised for supporting brands

Sustainability and safety

Sustainability and safety  

Our commitment to sustainability covers the entire value chain, from forest operations and production to lightweight, recyclable products and open communication. By reducing the amounts of energy and water needed to produce each tonne of board, we minimise our carbon and water footprints. Throughout Metsä Board’s history we have monitored the safety and sensory properties of our products, as validated through our full compliance with European and international regulations.

Availability of board

Availability of board  

Accurate planning helps you gain increased operational flexibility and agility. As a starting point, we help you choose the best supply option from our range to fulfil your specific requirements. Delivery times are agreed individually with each customer.

Our availability services enable us to respond promptly to demanding circumstances:

  • Direct mill order: board as planned and agreed
  • Common stock: standard products delivered from stock
  • Convert to order (express service customised): customised sheet sizes
  • Customer dedicated stock (call-off stock): customer specified order
  • Vendor managed inventory (including consignment stock): agreed products at the customer's disposal without order administration

Mobile calculators




This is a set of free of charge applications and can be downloaded from Windows, Apple and Android stores with name "Metsä Board Calculators".

The package includes pallet weight, price, reel and yield calculators.

This application works only in mobile phones, not in tablets.