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Carta Dedica Fresh 2PE 12G/15M

Internal product specifications

Product specifications

Specification language
Product nameCarta Dedica Fresh 2PE
Product descriptionFood service board, uncoated, hard sized, OBA free, PE coating top and back
End usePaper cups for hot and cold drinks, Paper bowls and trays
Printing methodOffset, Flexo
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Technical informationSelect unit :
Grammage g/m² 212227242262287312337382
Thickness mm 0.2680.2930.3180.3480.3880.4280.4680.538
PE, top, g/m² 1212121212121212
PE, back, g/m² 1515151515151515
Baseboard property, unit  
Grammage g/m²  185200215235260285310355
Thickness mm 0.2500.2750.3000.3300.3700.4100.4500.520
Bending stiffness CD mNm
Bending stiffness MD mNm
Moisture content %
Roughness ml/min 250250300300300300350400
Brightness top % 8080808080808080
Water absorption top g/m² ≤40≤40≤40≤40≤40≤40≤40≤40
Water absorption middle, back g/m² ≤50≤50≤50≤50≤50≤50≤50≤50
Stretch CD %
Off-flavour (Robinson test)  <1<1<1<1<1<1<1<1