Near-term outlook


Estimated in 2016 Financial statement bulletin:


Metsä Board's paperboard deliveries in January–March 2017 are expected to grow from the previous quarter. The growth is supported by Husum's new folding boxboard production, primarily sold to the Americas.

The profit development of Finnish mills is expected to remain stable, and the production costs of paperboards in January–March are expected to remain at the level of the fourth quarter in 2016.

No planned maintenance shutdowns are set to take place in January–March; this will have a positive impact on the result of the first quarter compared to other quarters.

Demand for premium fresh fibre paperboards is expected to remain good in both Europe and the Americas. The market prices of folding boxboard and white fresh fibre linerboard are expected to remain stable. Global demand and supply for long-fibre and short-fibre pulp is expected to remain stable.