Near-term outlook


Estimated in January–June 2017 Half Year Financial Report:

Demand for high-quality consumer packaging paperboard made from fresh fibre is expected to continue to grow in market areas important for Metsä Board. The increases in capacity by European producers of folding boxboard have not had a negative effect on price development. Several producers of white fresh fibre linerboards have announced price increases in Europe and North America during the current year. Global demand and supply for long-fibre and short-fibre pulp is expected to remain stable.

Metsä Board’s paperboard deliveries grew strongly during the first half of the year. Delivery volumes in July–September are expected to remain roughly at the level of the second quarter. The company aims to improve the geographic sales mix of Husum’s folding boxboard and to increase the share of North American sales, in particular.

The shutdown of the Kemi integrated mill will take place in the third quarter of the year. The production costs of paperboards in July–September are expected to remain at the level of the previous quarter.

The start-up phase of Metsä Fibre’s new bioproduct mill is expected to have only a slight negative effect on Metsä Board’s result for July–September.