The manifold meanings of luxury

Christophe Baudry

We’re all familiar with the concept of luxury products. We may not consider these little extras essential to our daily lives, but nevertheless often think of them as highly desirable. This product category occupies an important role in many societies around the world.

The key to luxury products is their exclusivity. After all, if they weren’t rare and expensive, there would be little to differentiate them from mass-market products. The difference is often made by the amount of work that goes into putting these products together, which, of course, is reflected in their price. Luxury products, after all, never compromise on quality.

Packaging creates a sense of prestige

Where luxury is concerned, rational evaluations of quality and value for money no longer apply. In their place arrives the intrinsic promise that the final buyers themselves will become more attractive when that coveted item is finally in their possession.

As perception is so important to the concept of luxury, one element that can never be overlooked is packaging, which can be almost as important as the product it contains.

The packaging must create a sense of prestige through its visual appearance and tactile qualities. Touch, sight, and sound must all contribute to that all-important first impression.

Luxurious now also means sustainable

Consumers have shown themselves to be willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies committed to positive social and environmental impact. This trend has not gone unnoticed by luxury brand owners, who are increasingly using more environmentally friendly raw materials such as paperboard.
One effective approach is to reduce the amount of material used in the packaging. Brand owners in luxury are doing this by creating packaging solutions that not only look and feel luxurious, but are also lightweight and sustainable. This also leads them to consider the importance of other aspects of sustainability such as certification and ethical sourcing.

All in all, helping brand owners and converters to choose the best board for their luxury packaging is a fascinating journey. This is an enormously exciting business, in which the principles of creativity and innovation have a strong role, both today and for the sustainable packages of the future.

Christophe Baudry
Commercial Director,
Beauty and Healthcare


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