Metsä Board, high-quality paperboards

High-quality paperboards

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14.08.2015 Evolving along with trends and techniques   Olli Haaranoja
29.06.2015 Packed with sustainability   Minna Kantsila
13.05.2015 The manifold meanings of luxury   Christophe Baudry
Metsä Board Magazine 1/2015

Metsä Board Magazine


Metsä Board has deep know-how in the board-making process – we know how to make our paperboard bright, light and white. In the end of the process, the fibre know-how turns out as sustainability benefits or Money, Money, Money by yield advantage.

In this issue of Metsä Board Magazine, we were also Singing in the Rain with a customer and enjoying the advantages of supply options.

Metsä in a new way

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There's more to Metsä than meets the eye. The competition over energy and natural resources is intense; using them efficiently is of the utmost importance. Even though the world is more and more digital physical products are needed, too.

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