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14.10.2014 Positive progress of mineral oils ordinance   Nina Happonen
18.08.2014 Upmarket ‘bag in the box’ wines need boxes to match   Christer Brück
15.04.2014 A safer future for food on the go   Nina Happonen

Metsä in a new way

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There's more to Metsä than meets the eye. The competition over energy and natural resources is intense; using them efficiently is of the utmost importance. Even though the world is more and more digital physical products are needed, too.

Explore how we make the most of northern wood and contribute content of your own. Tree Online offers experiences, facts and an opportunity to participate.

Metsä Board Magazine 1/2014

Metsä Board Magazine


The first half of 2014 saw a rush of product launches, and you’ll find a full introduction to our new blockbusters – boards, liners and label papers – in our latest Magazine.

We’ll also take you to England for a cup of tea, and on the American continent we’ll stop by Case Paper to learn about yield. In China we discovered that in a climate of fierce competition, products should be easily identified but made hard to copy.