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04.03.2015 Digital printing shaped by global trends   Lauri Järvinen
03.02.2015 Caring for confectionery   Nina Happonen
14.10.2014 Positive progress of mineral oils ordinance   Nina Happonen

Metsä in a new way

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There's more to Metsä than meets the eye. The competition over energy and natural resources is intense; using them efficiently is of the utmost importance. Even though the world is more and more digital physical products are needed, too.

Explore how we make the most of northern wood and contribute content of your own. Tree Online offers experiences, facts and an opportunity to participate.

Metsä Board Magazine

Metsä Board Magazine

A look at the walls

Did you know that approximately one in every four wallpaper reels produced starts life in Finland, in Metsä Board’s Kyro mill’s specialised wallpaper base machine? It’s there that Metsä Board produces wallpaper base for all kinds of papers using specially designed machine. In a way, we are part of the fashion industry and all that comes with it – and the wallpaper manufacturers know it too!

To learn more, read through our special issue of Magazine dedicated to our Cresta range!