Husum, Sweden

Husum, Sweden
Board and pulp mill Metsä Board Husum 

Metsä Board Husum mill is an integrated board and pulp mill producing fully bleached linerboard as well as bleached market pulp and from January 2016 onwards high-quality folding boxboard. The production facilities are located in Husum, Sweden.


Key figures
Established 1919
Number of employees 800
Production capacity 400,000 t/a folding boxboard (2016 onwards), 300,000 t/a  linerboard, 750,000 t/a bleached kraft pulp
Production lines board machines (trim width 6.60 m; liner grammage range 70-200 g/m²); one coater, wood-handling with two lines: pine/spruce and birch, pulp mill with two fibre lines: bleached softwood pulp and bleached hardwood pulp; two drying machines
Certificates ISO 9001, English/Swedish (pdf)
ISO 14001, English/Swedish (pdf)
ISO 50001,  English/Swedish (pdf)
ISO 22000, English/Swedish (pdf)
PEFC Chain of Custody, English (pdf)
FSC Chain of Custody, English (pdf)

2012 M-real became Metsä Board
2011 New turbine
2010 Recovery boiler investment
2005 The 25th million tonnes of paper produced
2004 A new waste water treatment plant taken into operation
2001 Start-up of coater BM1 and upgrade of PM8
1999 PM7 is upgraded
1997 New evaporation plant
1996 New wood handling
1985 PM8 start-up
1978 New softwood production line with continuous digester and oxygen delignification
1976 PM7 start-up
1972 The first paper machine PM6 is built
1946 Husum is the first mill in the world to use chlorine dioxide for bleaching
1919 Sulphate pulp mill built in Husum with production of 20,000 tonnes of unbleached kraft pulp during the first year

See location

Metsä Board Husum
SE-896 80 Husum
Tel. +46 663 18000

Mill manager
Anders Ek
Tel. +(0)72 736 11 65

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