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Barrier boards

For better protection against moisture and grease

Metsä Board’s barrier boards respond to the growing requirements of the sustainable food service market by providing product safety, purity and protection. Our barrier boards have been developed for various food service uses as well as for other packaging applications requiring a barrier resistance against grease or moisture.

Our food service boards are made of pure and renewable fresh fibres making them a preferred choice to cups, plates and other takeaway packaging as well as for frozen food packaging.

Metsä Board’s product portfolio includes both PE extrusion coated paperboards as well as an eco-barrier board that comes with a special bio-based barrier treatment.

PE extrusion coating

PE extrusion coating creates a protective layer on paperboard to protect the packed product. Coating is applied at the extrusion line onto reverse (1PE) or both sides (2PE) of the paperboard. Single coated 1PE is used for hot cups, plates and various food service packaging that require barrier against liquid. Double coated 2PE is often used for cold cups, ice cream and frozen food packaging to achieve barrier against liquid and moisture.

Eco-barrier is made of bio-based components and natural minerals

Metsä Board has recently launched an eco-barrier paperboard for the growing food service sector. The special barrier treatment improves the grease resistance of the board making it an ecological and efficient packaging material for takeaway and food on the go applications.
MetsäBoard Pro FSB EB1 can be used with foods requiring grease resistance up to KIT level 5. The grease barrier properties can be cost-efficiently increased up to KIT level 12 by adding a varnish layer at the converting stage.

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