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Brand applications

Find the best paperboard solutions for all your needs

Packaging is what a consumer sees first, even before the product. The best packaging solutions serve a practical purpose, and promote the brand all the way – including the product package itself to various retail solutions and to on-the-go solutions for food service.

From our product range you can find the right choice for a whole range of applications: in pack, on shelf, on display, on-the-go and in graphics. Better experiences with less environmental impact.

In pack

Packaging solutions for consumer goods

Metsä Board’s paperboards provide solutions designed for today’s consumer goods and brands. They are widely appreciated and used for packaging all over the world.

Our boards are lightweight and strong with excellent yield, which supports sustainability and cost-efficiency. They are perfect for consumer packaging used in all types of retail environment, offering consistency and outstanding printing properties, also for eye-catching special effects.

Metsä Board’s products include folding boxboards and white kraftliners suitable for all types of printing and converting processes, including microflute applications.

Our boards are particularly suited to packaging:

  • foods
  • beverages
  • beautycare
  • healthcare products
  • cigarettes
  • consumer electronics

On shelf

Retail-ready tray solutions

The visual appearance of packaging is vital in creating the first impression, considering that consumers can take as little as three seconds to choose which product they want. When looking for their preferred brand, the colours and graphics on packaging must match expectations. Special effects can also play an important role, especially in luxury packaging.

Our white kraftliners, and folding boxboards used as liners, perform well for shelf-ready packs. They are lightweight but strong, which helps to protect the product, keep its shape and help also reduce food waste.

Metsä Board’s paperboards use fresh fibres from wood grown in sustainably managed northern forests. The fibres are of known origin, and all the raw materials used in our manufacturing processes can be traced to source.

Our boards are suitable for:

  • shelf-ready packaging
  • trays and traditional corrugated boxes

On display

Display and point-of-sale solutions

Paperboard is a versatile packaging material that can be used for many products and applications. Our white kraftliners and folding boxboards perform superbly and are an ideal medium for messages designed to attract the eye and inform both as displays and point-of-sale solutions. In addition, they can be designed to complement the consumer packaging.

Paperboard’s renewability and recyclability also make it highly valued as a sustainable solution. Our mills hold PEFC™ (PEFC™/02-31-92) and FSC® (FSC®-C001580) Chain-of-Custody certificates, and also meet the highest environmental and manufacturing quality standards. At the end of their use, paperboard displays can be recycled.

Our boards are suitable for:

  • displays
  • point-of-sale solutions

On the go

Metsä Board - On the go

Solutions for food service

Food on the go is a trend that goes hand in hand with effective packaging – for protection, food safety, insulation, branding, and ease of use in eating or drinking. Consumers appreciate paperboard, as it uses renewable fresh fibres.

Paperboard provides a lightweight and sustainable solution for brand owners and converters looking for a responsible packaging material for their fast food products. It performs well in printing and converting. On top of PE extrusion coated paperboard we manufacture compostable paperboard with dispersion barrier coating providing grease and moistrure resistance.

Metsä Board’s paperboards are safe for direct food contact. They use only fresh fibres that are traceable, and pure by nature. After use, fibre-based packaging can be recycled, depending upon local recycling services.

Our food service boards are recommended for:

  • Paper cups for hot and cold drinks
  • Paper plates and trays
  • Clamshells and sandwich boxes
  • Other takeaway and fast food packaging
  • Other food packaging

In graphics

Solutions for graphical uses

High quality printed material provides impact, tactile qualities and high retention of both information and advertising messages. It remains the medium of choice for promotional material with a look and feel that appeals to the senses. And there’s nothing that sends a personal message quite like a greeting card.

Printers and publishers need a reliable medium that ensures excellent print results. For short runs or personalisation it is essential that paperboards are suitable for digital print. It is ideal for special promotions, events and celebrations. Whatever the printing method, our aim is to deliver paperboards that produce optimal results.

Our folding boxboards and white kraftliners are ideal for the most demanding print and special finishes, enhancing content and adding a personal touch. Made from renewable fresh fibres, they are a sustainable choice with a low carbon footprint.

Our boards are recommended for:

  • Cards and calendars
  • Covers and folders
  • Media packs
  • Advertising and POS materials
  • Tags and labels

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