CASE JDE Z1 coffee pod packaging

Timeless elegance and efficiency for coffee pod packaging

In the competitive world of coffee pods, it is crucial that a brand stands out from the crowd. JDE Z1 working with its converter STI Group, created a design of impressive beauty; dressed in elegant black with an embossed gilded logo and a tantalising glimpse of the pods. The clever and extremely compact arrangement of the pods allows easy access for the consumer. In addition, the beautiful packaging design is extremely efficient, allowing for a filling speed of almost 9,000 folding boxes per hour with minimal wastage.

When STI Group was considering which folding boxboard best complements these design requirements MetsäBoard Classic FBB stood out from the crowd. By combining a clear yield advantage and efficiency with good sensory and hygienic properties MetsäBoard Classic FBB is the ideal choice for branded fast-moving products such as food.

This packaging was the winner in the ‘Food & Beverages’ category in the 2017 European Carton Excellence Awards.

​Brand owner:JDE Z1 packaging
​Converter:STI Group
​Board supplier:​Metsä Board
​Board grade:​MetsäBoard Classic FBB


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