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Folding boxboards 


Our lightweight, sustainable folding boxboards range from products with a natural feel to luxury impression, including PE coated and dispersion barrier coated paperboards. Their excellent performance ensures they are suitable for all types of applications and end-uses. If you are looking for packaging that efficiently enhances valuable brands, or is pure for sensitive products, we have a board grade perfect for you.

All our boards are made from fresh fibres, which can be traced back to their source in sustainably managed northern forests. Folding boxboard is recognised as being made from a renewable material and being recyclable, giving it an important role in the circular economy.

Recognising the wide choice of products that we offer, we have created four distinct and memorable categories to help speed up the product selection process. Once you have decided upon a product category you will then be able to quickly find suitable products for your desired application.

Natural – these products provide a ‘natural’ look and feel with good printability, lifting up colors and images.

Classic – products included in this category combine reliable performance with excellent value for money, making them ideal for fast moving consumer goods requiring good shelf visibility and safety for food use.

Pro – these products offer high brightness and smoothness, and are designed for high value products that require outstanding brand promotion through more demanding printing, converting and forming techniques.

Prime – the products in this category are ideal for premium high-end brands, combining excellent brightness and surface smoothness characteristics, to help achieve world-class printing, converting and special effects.

  Folding boxboard range