Luxurious packaging for luxury products
Luxurious packaging for luxury products


MetsäBoard  Prime FBB CXB

MetsäBoard Prime FBB CXB is a fully coated bleached paperboard with coated back, available in a basis weight range of 240-260 g/m² and suitable for offset, gravure, flexo and digital printing.

MetsäBoard Prime FBB CXB is a premium alternative for promoting luxury and premium products. Its superior smoothness gives excellent results with foil lamination and other special effects. Its high brightness results in vibrant colours, contrasting with a truly pure white. MetsäBoard Prime FBB CXB is coated on the reverse side to maximise the quality of image throughout the finished packaging.

With good consistency providing reliable convertability, MetsäBoard Prime FBB CXB produces the pristine corners and edges so important in the luxury market.

MetsäBoard Prime FBB CXB is made from fresh fibres, traceably sourced from sustainably managed northern forests. All of Metsä Board’s products are manufactured under the highest environmental and safety standards, and hold PEFCTM and FSC® chain of custody certification.

  • fragrances and perfumes
  • makeup and skincare products
  • confectionery
  • cigarette packaging

Product specifications

Specification language
Product nameMetsäBoard Prime FBB CXB
Product descriptionFully coated paperboard with coated back
Product typeFolding boxboards
End useBeautycare, Cigarettes
Printing methodGravure, Offset, Flexo
MillMetsä Board Tako, Metsä Board Äänekoski
Paper profileMetsäBoard Prime FBB CXB PP
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Technical informationSelect unit :
Grammage g/m² 240250260
Bending stiffness CD mNm
Bending stiffness MD mNm
Thickness μm 350360360
Moisture content %
Smoothness top μm
Brightness top % 919191
Brightness back % 909090
Colour CIELAB L* top  95.595.595.5
Colour CIELAB a* top
Colour CIELAB b* top  -2.0-2.0-2.0
Gloss % 484848

Folding boxboard range

  • MetsäBoard Classic FBB

  • MetsäBoard Classic FBB CX

  • MetsäBoard Natural FBB

  • MetsäBoard Prime FBB Bright

  • MetsäBoard Prime FBB CX

  • MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright

  • MetsäBoard Pro FBB CX

  • MetsäBoard Pro FBB OBAfree