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Northern Lights
Desig case Arctic Blue Gin Northern Lights

Northern Lights flare on the Arctic Blue Gin package 

Crisp dark winter night and flaming exotic Northern Lights form the stage for an extraordinarily beautiful package design. The package for Arctic Blue Gin is designed with exceptional visual elements for maximum brand enhancement.

Northern Lights were the inspiration when designing the impressive Arctic Blue Gin package started. “We wanted to convey an image of a clean, crisp winter’s night highlighted by the flaming exotic Northern Lights,” says Mark Beamesderfer, Packaging Services Director Americas, Metsä Board. 

The Northern Lights theme was reproduced by printing with hologram technology and using partially translucent inks and partly opaque ones. ​The depth effect has been accentuated by multi-levelling the foreground details. The result is ultimately as close to an actual Northern Lights flare as the printing techniques can do. ​Foiling was also used to give a distinct contrast with the natural paperboard surface.

“The result artistically simulates the movement and appearance of Northern Lights flaring. The lightweight MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright paperboard offered a uniform and smooth surface as well as excellent creasing and folding properties that were essential to produce such a dramatic effect," Mark continues.      

The Northern Lights image was designed by the US paper converter Hazen. It was created by printing on top of Envirofoil® — a plastic-free, holographic metallization effect that uses only 1% of the aluminum used by traditional foil laminates—making it both economical and environmentally friendly.




“Producing such highly challenging print requires a lot from the material. Smoothness and stiffness are needed to get the large hologram surface adhered to the paperboard without any flaw. Here Metsä Board was able to deliver an unbeatable surface.” John Hazen, President of Hazen Paper Company

Brand owner          Nordic Premium Beverages
ConvertersHazen Paper Company and AM Packaging
DesignThe Northern lights photography: Eeva Mäkinen
Package design: Metsä Board packaging design team
Style and materialA tuck-top, glued-crashlock bottom printed 7/0 + gloss varnish on aluminum holographic metallized 24 pt MetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright folding boxboard.


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