Design Case Elevated Drink Box
Design Case Elevated Drink Box

Elevate the drinking experience 

Beverage boxes are a great idea – but sometimes they aren’t as nifty as they could be.


Good design is more than a good product; it’s also about innovative packaging. Say hello to the Elevated Drink Box – the box created by thinking out of the box.

You may wonder, what is the Elevated Drink Box? It’s a box with a base that folds out from the package itself. The compact vertical design requires less shelf space and less hassle when empty - the interior bag slides out easily for recycling with no wrestling or tearing to get it out.

Imagine the end-use possibilities: olive oil, wine, milk, juice, detergent. You bring the product we bring the packaging material and design ideas for you to create better with less.

Innovation that delivers

Metsä Board is an expert in paperboard material and how to utilise it. For us, a great design means not only a user-friendly package, but something that delivers benefits throughout the value chain. Our design means better results for customers and an ecological benefit for the environment. Our paperboards use less raw material, water and energy and transport weights are lower. And thanks to the lighter weight, less waste is produced at the end of the packaging value chain.

Metsä Board’s high-quality white kraftliners are flexible for printing, too: they produce great results in offset-, flexo-, and inkjet digital printing. And our Elevated Drink Box’s patented design is yours to use when you are using Metsä Board’s kraftliners.

"Beautiful packaging not only protects the product: it makes a sustainability statement. The lyrics I wrote for our limited Winter Edition gift box address climate change. Even bees need proper winters – slushy or rainy winters are the worst for them.” Teemu Aittamaa, Korpikuusikko Honey

BackgroundOur aim was to completely re-imagine the bag-in-box concept and design user-friendly packaging with real benefits for the consumer, the environment and the brand.
SolutionBy designing the elevated base, the drink box doesn’t have to be placed inconveniently and gives the consumer the freedom to use this packaging anywhere.
Board grade Outer liner: MetsäBoard Pro WKL 175 g/m2
Inner liner: MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright 160 g/m2
Fluting: MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright 130 g/m2


Sustainability benefit

Using lighter weight paperboards helps reduce CO2 throughout the value chain. And when empty the plastic bag is easily removed from the box, helping with material separation for recycling.

Elevated Drink Box (EDB) – convenience combined with digital printing


​The ‘Elevated Drink Box’ (EDB) is an easy and convenient way for consumers to enjoy beverages. This new packaging has been designed and patented by Metsä Board and it was produced by combining the expertise of Metsä Board, BOBST, Kodak, Henkel, Marbach and Knauer.

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