Design Case Hershey’s
Design Case Hershey’s

Oh so sweet packaging 

Package design should look as delicious as the product inside.


Good design is more than a good product; it’s also about innovative packaging that also has a lower environmental impact.

Let’s face it: looks do matter in packaging regardless of what’s inside. Metsä Board’s redesign of one of Hershey’s secondary packages not only freshened up the look, but took into consideration weight, assembly and sustainability. The result was a two-piece package where Hershey’s managed to reduce the overall packaging weight by 44 per cent, save five per cent on the total packaging cost and improve packing efficiency by 20 per cent.

Innovation that delivers

Metsä Board is an expert in paperboard material and how to utilise it. For us, a great design means not only a user-friendly package, but something that delivers benefits throughout the value chain. Our design means better results for customers and an ecological benefit for the environment. Our paperboards use less raw material, water and energy and transport weights are lower. And thanks to the lighter weight, less waste is produced at the end of the packaging value chain.

Metsä Board’s paperboards are made from a renewable resource – fresh fibres that are traceable, and pure by nature.

“Our in-house design team was able to reduce the packaging parts from five to two pieces. The assembly time was reduced by 20 per cent and the total weight of the package was reduced by almost 44 per cent.” Metsä Board’s Design & Innovation Director Cyril Drouet

BackgroundOur aim was to redesign and improve the Hershey’s Cookies & Chocolate Bar secondary package by making the overall structure more user-friendly with real benefits for the environment and the brand.
SolutionBy redesigning the overall packaging structure, we managed to reduce the packaging parts by half which not only reduces its packaging weight by 44 per cent but also improves packing efficiency.
Board gradeMetsäBoard Classic FBB 290 g/m2


Sustainability benefit

Because of the innovative structure and lightweight paperboard, the carbon footprint of Hershey’s secondary package is reduced. In addition, the use of the removable PET sheet makes recycling even easier.

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