Design Case Lidloc paperboard cup
Design Case Lidloc paperboard cup

Flip your lid – and sip 

Single use disposable paperboard cups are handy – but they aren’t necessarily practical to use without a lid and often lids are made of plastic.


Good design is more than a good product; it’s also about innovative solution that also has a lower environmental impact. Lidloc  – the fold and lock disposable paperboard cup has been created for on-the-go use and with the environment in mind.

What sets the Lidloc paperboard cup apart from the traditional disposable cup? The spill-proof lid is integrated into the paperboard cup structure, eliminating the need for a separate plastic lid. The secure lid-locking design comprises a built-in sip mechanism for both hot and cold beverages. The Lidloc is designed as a one-piece-construction with integrated lid, therefore making recycling much easier.

Imagine the end-use possibilities: hot or cold beverages – coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks. You bring the product we bring the packaging material and design ideas for you to create better with less.

Innovation that delivers

Metsä Board is an expert in paperboard material and how to utilise it. For us, a great design means not only a user-friendly package, but something that delivers benefits throughout the value chain. Our design means better results for customers and an ecological benefit for the environment. Our paperboards use less raw material, water and energy and transport weights are lower. And thanks to the lighter weight, less waste is produced at the end of the packaging value chain.

Metsä Board’s paperboards are made from a renewable resource – fresh fibres that are traceable, and pure by nature. A further advantage is the possibility to print on top of the lid, providing an additional area for brand visibility.

“With the growing trend of beverages on the go, it has become even more important to have resource-saving solutions, use renewable materials, and enhance consumer convenience. We wanted this innovation to bring new thinking into paperboard cup design.” Metsä Board’s Design & Innovation Director Cyril Drouet

BackgroundOur aim was to bring new thinking into paperboard cup design with user-friendly packaging that offers real benefits for the consumer, the environment and the brand.
SolutionBy designing a paperboard cup with an integrated lid, the one-piece construction does away with the need for a separate plastic lid. Lidloc gives the consumer the freedom to take his/her beverage to go with a clear conscience – when empty, the cup can easily be thrown into the recycling bin.
Board gradeMetsäBoard Natural FSB Cup


Sustainability benefit

Thanks to the innovative structure and  lightweight paperboard, carbon footprint of the paperboard cup can be halved. The new solution reduces carbon footprint by 50% in comparison to traditional cups with plastic lids.

​Metsä Board's Lidloc paperboard cup - see how it works

​The Lidloc paperboard cup has been created for on-the-go use and with the environment in mind. Its structure is based upon an extension to a standard cup structure that folds and locks into an integrated lid. This innovative design completely removes the need for a separate plastic lid.

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