Design Case T2 Tea Mini Fruits
Design Case T2 Tea Mini Fruits

Tea party with T2 

A flavour-filled brew to every cup – just like nature intended.


Good design is more than a good product; it’s also about innovative packaging that stands out from the crowd. The T2 Mini Fruits create a whole new way to have a tea party.

T2 is a specialty tea shop and as part of their campaign, they wanted to re-invent the way their fruit teas are packed. The new Mini Fruits, fruit-shaped boxes, reflect the flavour of the tea stored within them, which includes banana bake, watermelon sorbet, Turkish apple, and peach.

The design is printed on the uncoated reverse side of Metsä Board’s fresh fibre paperboard to echo the natural feel of the fruit and to give the box a softer texture while still reproducing vivid graphics. The stiff and durable structure of the paperboard enables the design team to create a 100 per cent glue-less packaging structure through clever creasing and folding of the material. The packaging also holds up well in transport and on the shelf.

Innovation that delivers

Metsä Board is an expert in paperboard material and how to utilise it. For us, a great design means not only a user-friendly package, but something that delivers benefits throughout the value chain. Our design means better results for customers and an ecological benefit for the environment. Our paperboards use less raw material, water and energy and transport weights are lower. And thanks to the lighter weight, less waste is produced at the end of the packaging value chain.

The highlight of this project was that the design is printed on the reverse side of the board to give the outer packaging a softer texture.

“Our design team based in Shanghai is very happy to continue working with this new T2 Mini Fruit tea collection in order to achieve a design that is beautiful, innovative, practical and durable. Metsä Board’s Design & Innovation Director Cyril Drouet

BackgroundOur aim was to completely re-imagine the tea packaging concept and design a unique and user-friendly box with real benefits for the consumer, the environment and the brand.
SolutionThe T2 Mini Fruits shaped boxes were designed for filling ease on the assembly line as well as for the consumer as a new, fun experience while drinking tea.
Board gradeMetsäBoard Pro FBB Bright 250 g/m2


Sustainability benefit

Just as nature intended, the T2 Mini Fruits packages are 100 per cent glue-less and environmentally friendly. When empty, the Mini Fruits-shaped box can be unfolded and easily recycled.

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