• Better with Less - Desing competition winner
    Better with Less Design Challenge

    Design winner​

    Stretching Inner Part

    Designer Iiro Numminen combines scalability, adaptability and aesthetics in his winning design.

    Iiro Numminen's winning paperboard design: stretching inner part
    Iiro Numminen's winning paperboard design
  • Design case Skincare 2.0 box set
    Design Case SkinCare 2.0


    Put your best face forward

    You can design beautiful and state-of-the-art packaging that not only looks dazzling but is better for the environment, too.

    Design case Skincare 2.0 box set
    Fresh fibre
  • Design case T2 Tea Mini Fruits
    Design Case T2 Tea Mini Fruits


    Dimensional dream

    Don't be afraid to push boundaries with innovative and functional packaging that not only looks good but is sustainable, too.

    Design case T2 Tea Mini Fruits
    Design case T2 Tea Mini Fruits
  • Design Case Hershey's


    Oh so sweet packaging

    By making the right choice in terms of raw materials and packaging design, you can get lightweight and efficient package.

    Packaging weight
  • Design Case Lidloc


    Flip your lid – and sip

    Flip your perspective and get an innovative paperboard cup that not only looks good but is smarter for the environment, too.

    Carbon footprint
  • Design Case Elevated drink box


    Stand up for easy use

    Think out of the box to design innovative and functional packaging that delivers benefits throughout the value chain.

    iF Design Awards

Better with less


Consumers expect brands to provide better experiences with less environmental impact. Brand owners and converters are committed to improving sustainability and efficiency and they look for better solutions and partners who can innovate with them to constantly improve. With our Packaging analysis & design expertise combined with our lightweight paperboards we can help customers create Better with Less: Better consumer experiences with less environmental impact.

What this means for packaging? It means moving from excess to less; making packaging lighter, more functional and more sustainable, supporting the brand goals and delighting the contemporary consumer.

Simply, we can help you to create packaging that drives better business with improved sustainability footprint.

Let the design do the talking

Our packaging and design services is ranging from material and structural analysis and modification of existing packaging to a fully-customized design completed with graphics that maximize performance, sustainability, logistic efficiency, and provides great consumer experiences that contribute to the success of the brand.

Our paperboards can be used in many creative and innovative ways. Read the stories behind inspiring packaging designs or typical applications, which will provide new ideas in producing your own solutions using our paperboards. 

   At your service: packaging analysis and design

Values guide Metsä Group's operations
Our services cover a range of expertise for your specific needs to help you do better with less. Our packaging analysis and design services can also help you to optimize packaging in terms of brand impact, sustainability and functionality.

We help you to ensure that your packaging performs to the best possible level from material, design, cost and sustainability perspectives. At the same time, we will proactively recommend new solutions, new thinking and new materials as better alternatives to your current packaging.

Our services include:

  • Light-weighting analysis proposes a lighter solution with a material savings calculation based on its measuring
  • Packaging performance analysis suggests to your current package an improved solution with a mock-up from our material
  • Packaging design provides you a new design solution including graphical and structural, eco-design and brand development and packaging trends

Designer's role in sustainable packaging

Designing packaging in a smarter way can have a big impact on sustainability – raw materials can be used more efficiently, and the package can be made more easy to recycle.

In this video, Cyril Drouet, Metsä Board’s Packaging Services Director, explains how environmentally friendly packaging can be designed in many different ways. 

Explore more: design case stories

 Resource efficiency: up to 30% lighter

We have a strong track record in the development of lightweight, premium paperboards. The strong, high quality Northern European fibre, our tailor-made pulps and leading-edge technology are an excellent basis to further develop lighter weight, sustainable paperboards. 

Thanks to lightweighting, our paperboards have lower environmental impacts. They consume less energy, water and raw material and decrease transport weights.

By redesigning and improving the overall packaging structure, our customers have managed to reduce the overall packaging weights, save the total packaging costs and improve packing line efficiency.



    Our experts operate on three continents: Europe, Americas and Asia serving brands globally

Values guide Metsä Group's operations

Our design team is truly global, ensuring that packaging and designs match consumer tastes and capitalize on new trends – wherever you operate.

Our design experts work their magic on every aspect of the packaging design; visuals, structure, branding and overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.

“Although we design a wide variety of packaging for diverse segments and markets, our approach to packaging design remains the same: we simply forget every existing feature of current solutions and rethink every single aspect to come up with a totally new packaging solution,” says Cyril Drouet, Design & Innovation Director, Metsä Board.