Metsä Board paperboard portfolio harmonization: one family of proven products

We have clarified our product and service portfolio to better serve your needs. As part of this we have unified the naming of our paperboard products. You will find all your trusted paperboards, with the same winning properties, under one Metsä Board family.

While we have changed the product names, the respective characteristics and intended end use for each product have remained unchanged. Please click here for the Metsä Board product table, with links to technical specifications.

The four distinct and memorable product categories (Natural, Classic, Pro, Prime) help you choose the right product for your needs, whether it be a folding boxboard, food service board or white kraftliner.

Please see below the tables describing in detail the name changes of our paperboards:


Folding boxboards

​NaturalMetsäBoard Natural FBBCarta Dedica Fast
Classic MetsäBoard Classic FBBSimcote
MetsäBoard Classic FBB CX ​Tako CX Lite
​ProMetsäBoard Pro FBB ​Avanta Prima
MetsäBoard Pro FBB BrightCarta Solida
MetsäBoard Pro FBB CXTako CX Lite S
PrimeMetsäBoard Prime FBBCarta Elega
MetsäBoard Prime FBB BrightCarta Integra
MetsäBoard Prime FBB CXTako CX White S
MetsäBoard Prime FBB CXBCarta Allura


Food service boards

​Natural ​MetsäBoard Natural FSB CupCarta Dedica Fresh
​ProMetsäBoard Pro FSB CupCarta Dedica Fine
MetsäBoard Pro FSBCarta Dedica Firm



White kraftliners

​NaturalMetsäBoard Natural WKLKemiart Brite
MetsäBoard Natural WKL BrightModo Northern Light
Classic MetsäBoard Classic WKLKemiart Brite+
​ProMetsäBoard Pro WKLKemiart Lite+
MetsäBoard Pro WKL BrightModo Northern Light Flexo
Prime MetsäBoard Prime WKLKemiart Graph+
MetsäBoard Prime WKL BrightModo Northern Light Litho+