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Metsä Board’s unified product portfolio

To serve you even better we want to bring our offering to you in a clearer and more unified way under one brand name: MetsäBoard. This simpler, more structured approach makes it easier for you to find the right product that best fits your needs. Click the product name in the table below and the link leads you to the product page including product specification and Paper Profile.

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Browse our full product range with Product search. Select one or more criteria and click 'Search'. You can print one or several product specifications directly from the product listing below. Product-specific paper profiles can also be found on product pages.
Product name
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Printing method
To print product specifications PDFs, choose the unit (ISO, US or DIN), then the products and click the Print button. If the tick box is grey, there is no specification with the chosen unit available. You can also choose all the products from the first tick box.