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Packaging is what a consumer sees first, even before the product. The best packaging solutions serve a practical purpose, and promote the brand all the way – including the product package itself to various retail solutions and to on-the-go solutions for food service.

From our product range you can find the right choice for a whole range of applications: in pack, on shelf, on display, on-the-go and in graphics. Better experiences with less environmental impact.

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Our fresh fibre paperboards are ideal for many types of packaging

If you are looking for packaging solutions that efficiently enhance valuable brands, or are safe for sensitive products, we have a board grade perfect for you.


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Creating better and lighter paperboard solutions has been a guiding principle of Metsä Board for decades. What keeps us going is to find the best possible packaging solutions with the least possible environmental impact. In short, Better with Less.

Lightweight boards are resource efficient in many ways: they consume less raw materials, reduce transport weight and produce less waste. They also ensure product safety and protection, as well as enable appealing promotion.

Metsä Board – one family of proven products

To serve you even better, we now bring our offering to you in a clearer and more unified way, making product selection easier. You will find all your trusted products, with the same winning properties, under one Metsä Board family. This will help you to find right solutions easier and in more logical way.

Metsä Board stands for the paperboard know-how, pioneering innovation, unique value chain and our deep, long-term commitment for quality and sustainability that we are recognised for. Together with our customers we want to create more sustainable, safe and efficient packaging to provide better customer experiences.

The Metsä Board name conveys our commitment and ambition to continuously improve and innovate to help you succeed – now and in the future.



Expert services to support your business

Innovating new and better solutions to support your business is at the core of Metsä Board. Together with you we create better packaging that differentiates through superior brand experiences, is optimized for supporting brands and brings efficiency throughout the value chain. Sharing innovations, ever-expanding knowledge of boards and best practices are advantages when working with us.

Metsä Board services cover a range of expertise for your specific needs – from packaging analysis and design, to technical expertise and R&D as well as availability services – to help you do better with less.


Our paperboards start their life in sustainably managed forests

Forests are of vital importance to Metsä Board.

Northern forests provide the wood that is the core raw material for paperboard. It’s essential for local communities that grow and harvest the wood to do so in a sustainable way.

We have much to tell you about forest ownership and management, how we can trace the wood back to its source, and the certification systems we follow.  Without forests we would have no paperboard, so it’s in everyone’s best interests to look after them.


The types of pulp used in production of our paperboards are chemical and mechanical pulps

We are self-sufficient in pulp supply

Both chemical and mechanical pulps are used in the production of our paperboards.


Before wood becomes paperboard, it first has to be turned into pulp.  Pulp may be used immediately, or dried for shipment to the board mill. The properties of the pulps define the quality of the paperboard, in terms of consistency, whiteness and stiffness.

All of the pulp Metsä Board uses is either made in our own mills or produced by Metsä Fibre within Metsä Group. This gives us a high degree of control over the quality and availability of pulp, which in turn greatly benefits our customers. We also have a strong commitment to research and development in pulp production, so our products are continually improved.

Circular economy

The circular economy

Our paperboards contribute to the circular economy

They are recyclable, biodegradable and can be used for bioenergy.

Paperboard is an ideal material for use as part of a circular economy, where raw materials are recovered after their primary use and then used again in the same way or for new purposes. Paperboard is well recognised as a recyclable material, and its fibres form the basis of recycled paper and board.

When fibres can no longer by recycled, they can still make an important contribution to energy production. 

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