The types of pulp used in production of our paperboards are chemical and mechanical pulps


Both chemical and mechanical pulps are used in the production of our paperboards.

The global appeal and excellence of our paperboards starts with fresh fibre pulp. Our boards are lightweight and strong, thanks to a structure that uses the optimum mix of high quality chemical and high yield mechanical pulps.

Another key attribute of a paperboard is consistency, vital for smooth converting. Consistency depends on the quality of the pulp and its reliability of supply.

As part of Metsä Group, Metsä Board is self-sufficient in pulp supply, ensuring both quality and availability. Both chemical and mechanical pulps are used in the production of our paperboards.

We use either our own chemical pulps or those supplied by Metsä Fibre. Mechanical pulp is produced at our Joutseno and Kaskinen BCTMP (bleached chemi-thermo mechanical pulp) mills and integrated with production at some of our paperboard mills.

Fibres for pulp

Metsä Board only uses pure and safe fresh forest fibres in board production  

Metsä Board only uses pure and safe fresh fibres in board production. A combination of northern softwood and hardwood pulps ensures good strength, high brightness and excellent printability in Metsä Board’s paperboards.

Cartonboards and linerboards need different kinds of pulps for each of their layers. For cartonboards, bleached hardwood and softwood pulps are used for the outer layers. High-bulk mechanical pulp is perfect for the cartonboard middle layer. Linerboards use bleached hardwood and softwood pulp, as well as unbleached chemical pulp. Some coated linerboards contain mechanical pulp.

Pulp development

Pulp development  

In partnership with Metsä Fibre, we undertake continuous development work to ensure we can offer our customers state-of-the-art paperboards. As our production is now concentrated on paperboard, we can focus our pulp development on the specific needs of paperboards.

Our modern pulp mills at Kaskinen and Joutseno specialise in BCTMP production, and in the development of new patented processes to improve its quality. As a result of Metsä Board’s pioneering development of BCTMP, our paperboards offer lighter weight without loss of strength, together with increased sustainability and higher yield.