With Metsä Board 360 Services, we help you perfect your packaging in many ways. Our premium lightweight paperboard is the natural starting point. It is a material we know inside out. That is the core of our solution, but we go well beyond paperboard so that you can meet your packaging development goals.

Covering the whole packaging value chain, the 360 Services can make a measurable difference for your business by enabling you to, for example

  • maximise product performance, increase converting efficiency and minimise costs by matching the right materials to your needs
  • improve the functionality, recyclability and brand impact of your packaging
  • reach your sustainability targets by reducing the environmental impact of your packaging
  • improve the performance of your supply chain

Introducing  Metsä Board 360 Services

Go beyond paperboard with Metsä Board 360 Services

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Metsä Board 360 Services are based on the extensive paperboard and packaging expertise we have gained from decades of collaboration with leading global technology providers, research institutes, brand owners, converters, printers, corrugators, and logistics and IT providers.

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Sustainability Service

Sustainability Service

Ensure the compliance and maximise the sustainability of your paperboard packaging


Our Sustainability Service helps you ensure the safety and compliance of your packaging for the chosen end-use, to minimise the environmental impacts of your packaging and to increase your knowledge of product safety and sustainability topics.

Our offering

  • Certificates and comprehensive documentation for ensuring the safety, compliance and traceability of the paperboard and its raw materials
  • Detailed analysis and comparisons of the environmental impacts of different material choices
  • Customised training on product compliance, environmental impact calculations and making more ecological material choices

Our tools and competencies

  • Certificates
  • Sustainability and product safety documentation
  • Sustainability and product safety training
  • Customer collaboration projects
  • Carbon footprint and life cycle evaluations

Packaging Design Service


Values guide Metsä Group's operations

Design better consumer experiences with less environmental impact

With our Packaging Design Service, you can improve sustainability by optimising packaging design, materials and recyclability, accelerate product launches by faster prototyping and testing, optimise production efficiency by designing for manufacturing and increase sales with packaging design that appeals to consumers.

Our offering

Co-creation of packaging solutions combining

  • sustainable materials
  • lightweighting and packaging optimisation analysis
  • cutting-edge design expertise
  • knowhow of the latest technologies

Our tools and comptencies

  • Creative workshops
  • Packaging performance simulation
  • Virtual store
  • Packaging-related consumer behaviour research
  • Industry experts and a wide partner network

Technical Service


Use our in-depth technical knowhow to improve your converting efficiency and packaging performance

Technical Service enables you to confidently choose the right product for a specific end-use, optimise your packaging performance and quality with our lightweight materials, improve productivity with our technical support and speed up your development projects.

Our offering

Metsä Board’s team of experts can

  • help select the right board grades for your production process and end-use by trialling, testing, technical support and tailored training
  • improve the quality and performance of your production process through audits and recommendations
  • provide quick problem-solving and troubleshooting hands-on or remotely
  • address your development needs in joint projects


Our tools and competencies

  • In-depth expertise in boardmaking and board performance in printing and converting processes in all end-use applications
  • Efficient troubleshooting processes and tools
  • Global technical expertise and extensive partner network

R&D Service

Values guide Metsä Group's operations

Benefit from our extensive testing capabilities and explore new opportunities in joint R&D projects

R&D Service assists you in improving paperboard performance in your process with our tests and recommendations, lightweighting your packaging while ensuring high performance throughout the value chain and speeding up innovation with expert networks to provide solutions to packaging challenges.

Our offering

  • Insights of latest developments, innovations and opportunities in fibre-based packaging
  • Testing, simulation and studies to select the optimal paperboard with the best performance/cost ratio
  • Joint R&D projects with Metsä Board and partners to accelerate material and packaging innovation

Our tools and competencies

  • 100+ measurement methods and analytics
  • Material and chemical characterisation
  • Pulp-related analyses
  • Barrier and coating analyses
  • Product safety analytics
  • Box and converting analyses
  • Box behaviour simulation
  • Artificial Intelligence

Supply Chain and Digital Service

Values guide Metsä Group's operations

Benefit from a responsive, sustainable and reliable paperboard supply across the globe

Supply Chain and Digital Service allows you to improve sustainability through reduced CO2 emissions, get a competitive edge with a reliable, responsive and cost-efficient supply of paperboard and save time with a digitally integrated supply chain.

Our offering

  • Guidance and tailored training on Metsä Board’s supply chain offering, including infrastructure, supply models, lead times and digital tools
  • Analysis and recommendations on optimising and streamlining supply chain operations
  • Project co-ordination service for implementing complex supply chain changes – including system-to-system integrations – to address individual customer needs

Our tools and competences

  • Supply chain design and optimisation capabilities
  • Sustainability improvement for logistics
  • Supply chain market intelligence
  • Transparent and digital supply chain service
  • Metsä Board Online

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