Access to innovation
Access to innovation

Metsä Board Innovation Day   

The Innovation Day concept is a workshop where both customer and Metsä Board’s paperboard experts get together to discuss, exchange ideas and brainstorm.

The goal of each Innovation Day workshop is to identify potential common areas of interests - ideas that can ultimately evolve into a common R&D development project.    

The workshop agenda is built together with the customer based on mutual interests. A typical day consists of introductions to Metsä Board’s R&D research areas and the customer’s views on paperboard properties and their future development. However, the emphasis is on discussions and interaction. The high trust environment and a common willingness to openly discuss ideas are key factors for a successful workshop - a non-disclosure agreement is often signed before the event.    

If you are interested in R&D related collaborations with Metsä Board, please get in touch with our sales team for further information.


Key Facts
Background: A common interest to discuss and evaluate joint R&D development needs under an NDA.  
Target: Innovation Day workshops can lead to a common R&D product development project between a customer and Metsä Board.
To whom:Customers sharing common R&D development interest with Metsä Board.


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