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Metsä Board's FBB saves hours in converting

MetsäBoard Classic FBB folding boxboard runs at a consistently high speed, with little waste and downtime, throughout the whole carton converting process.



Together with an European converter and a brand owner in food business, Metsä Board Technical Marketing team conducted a production scale study to compare efficiency between Metsä Board's fresh fibre folding boxboard and a recycled board (WLC) in carton converting. Our team produced boxes from different grades following up all process disturbances and differences in speeds in printing, die-cutting, gluing.


Results showed that MetsäBoard Classic is more efficient in several stages such as printing, die-cutting and gluing. This resulted in less converting waste and more efficient production, all obtained with this lighter weight board. Compared boards had same cross directional stiffness but MetsäBoard Classic FBB was 20% lighter than recycled. As a result, the carbon footprint for MetsäBoard Classic FBB is lower than that of the recycled board (WLC).

At the printing stage, MetsäBoard Classic FBB ran 12% faster than the recycled board. At the die-cutting stage the speed benefit of MetsäBoard Classic FBB was 24% and at gluing 16%. MetsäBoard Classic FBB caused only half of the converting waste compared to recycled, and its board related downtime was only 25% of that of the recycled board.

Recycled board created twice as much waste and four times more downtime than MetsäBoard Classic FBB.

In conclusion, when converting 200,000 cartons, MetsäBoard Classic FBB saved an average of four hours compared to the recycled board.

In addition, a box compression test was carried out with the same board grades. The cartons made of MetsäBoard Classic FBB achieved a 15% higher result than the cartons made of the recycled board.

The findings confirmed that Metsä Board's stiff, but lightweight folding boxboard, is ideally suited for end uses where combining efficiency and performance are needed.

The purpose of the studyTo compare carton efficiency between Metsä Board’s fresh fibre folding boxboard and a recycled board.
ConclusionMetsä Board's stiff, but lightweight, folding boxboard is ideally suited for end uses where combining efficiency and performance are required.
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