Box with a two-sided window
Box with a two-sided window


Joint research project tackles the unexpected challenges of box designs with windows

Metsä Board joins forces with its long-term customer in an R&D project to define the perfect match for a cosmetic box packaging material.

A well-known international cosmetics company was considering to move from competitor's paperboard grade to Metsä Board's one. To verify how Metsä Board's grade performs in their end product, the customer ran short qualification trials. They were pleased with end results with a plain box design. However, when testing a box with two windows the box did not run properly on the packing line.

To tackle the challenge, a common project was started between Metsä Board and the cosmetics company. Tests quickly showed that paperboard specifications needed to be adjusted for the multi-window box. Based on careful measurements and tests with different paperboard grades, changed fiber orientation and new window designs combinations, three best candidates were identified and then tested on packing and cellophane lines of the company. A winner combination was found and the best performing candidate will be soon tested for a longer qualification round.

In parallel to these laboratory measurements, also extensive simulation work was carried out to deeper understand the influence of the window design, board material properties and fiber orientation.

BackgroundCustomer wanted find a perfect Metsä Board's paperboard grade that for a cosmetics packaging with a window.
SolutionJoint research project was established between Metsä Board and the customer. A winner combination was found after careful laboratory measurements and various tests.
Board gradeMetsäBoard Pro FBB


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