Collaborating on converting efficiency
Collaborating on converting efficiency

Small adjustments make all the difference

Metsä Board's team of experts recently worked with one of its customers to achieve less washboard and significant enhancements to its corrugated sheet quality - this was accomplished by fine-tuning the customer's corrugating processes.



Metsä Board's long-term customer, a European creator of packaging products, was seeking improvements to the efficiency and productivity of corrugators at several of their corrugating plants. They faced unexpected challenges, such as honeycomb and washboarding, when they had used lighter paperboards.


Metsä Board's team paid visits to several of the customer's plants to check their production and to find any improvement areas in the corrugating process. The team gave hands-on training to the operators of the corrugator machine at each of the plants. With small adjustments to corrugating parameters, such as optimal glue amounts and optimal temperatures, they succeeded in significantly enhancing  the corrugated sheet quality.  Working together, Metsä Board and its customers, achieved the ultimate goal - a high-quality corrugated board which provides the basis for high-quality printing and converting.  

As there is always room for improvement, the cooperation between the customer and Metsä Board will continue. Together we will continue to find ways to further fine-tune the corrugating process and thus strive for even better quality results

ChallengeImprove the efficiency at the corrugator at several plants. 
SolutionAudits and training provided by Metsä Board.
Board grade

MetsäBoard Pro WKL


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