According to Metsä Board’s Articles of Association, the company has one auditor who shall be an auditing firm authorised by the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland. The General Meeting appoints the auditor each year. Pursuant to the decision of the Annual General Meeting of 2015, KPMG Oy Ab acts as the Company’s auditor and has appointed Raija-Leena Hankonen, APA, as the auditor with main responsibility. The Audit committee controls the appointment procedure of the auditors and provides the Board and the General Meeting with a recommendation for the appointment of the auditor.

In 2016, KPMG Oy Ab received EUR 227,242 (EUR 229,742 in 2015 and EUR 222,690 in 2014) in auditing compensation, KPMG internationally received altogether EUR 425,333 (EUR 407,883 in 2015 and EUR 447,954 in 2014) and other auditing firms outside Finland were paid EUR 15 150 (EUR 42,321 in 2015 and EUR 50,344 in 2014). In addition, KPMG has received EUR 3,864 (EUR 10,554 in 2015 and EUR 9,113 in 2014) for services not related to the actual auditing of the accounts.