Trading in the Company's shares and other financial instruments managers with a duty to notify is prohibited during a period starting at the end of each reporting period and lasting until the results release has been published (always at minimum 30 days; "closed window"). This prohibition applies not only to managers with a duty to notify but also to such other persons specified by the Company who participate in the preparation of financial reports. 

In 2021, the closed window periods are:

​closed window periodFinancial report​​Publishing date
​1 January–11 February 2021The 2020 financial results​11 February 2021
​30 March–28 April 2021Interim report January–March​
28 April 2021
​29 June–28 July 2021Half-Year Financial Report 
28 July 2021
​28 September–27 October 2021Interim report
27 October 2021