Megatrends create the basis  for long-term business development

Global megatrends influence companies’ actions, and set safety, quality, sustainability and recyclability requirements for packaging. The changing operating environment creates challenges, but also opportunities, for business growth and long-term development.

Megatrends' effect on Metsä Board business

Population growth
and higher average income increase consumption 
  • ​Modern retail and increased consumption of packaged consumer goods
  • Resource efficiency
  • ​Minimisation of packaging waste and optimisation of recycling
Creates world-wide markets and tightens competition
  • ​Global brands
  • New markets
  • Sturdy and lightweight packaging
  • ​Trade disputes, protectionism
  • Long and complex supply chains require good protection properties from packaging, but over-packaging should be avoided
Over half of the world’s population lives in cities, covering only 2% of the globe’s land area, but creating 70% of world GDP, waste and greenhouse gases 
  • Packaging solutions for different kinds of consumers and for a variety of occasions
  • Solutions to ease everyday life, such as e-commerce, take-away food and meal kits
  • Recyclable and compostable packaging​
  • ​Restrictions for single-use packaging
  • Consumers are confused about different kinds of recycling schemes and sorting instructions
Climate change
Affects all geographical areas, states, businesses and individuals. Limiting climate change and moving to a low-carbon economy requires adaptation
  • ​Packaging helps to reduce food waste and other product waste
  • Resource-efficient packaging: renewable raw materials, light weight, well established recycling infrastructure
  • Well managed and growing forests act as an efficient carbon sink
  • ​Requires new investments in new technology
  • Weather-related disruptions in production and wood fibre availability
  • Changing consumer habits to slow down climate change
  • Forests as a carbon sink rather than as a raw material 
Offers solutions for challenges created by other megatrends
  • ​Utilisation of artificial intelligence in production quality, efficiency and environmental aspects
  • Development of services
  • Demand for e-commerce packaging
  • Data protection
  • Vulnerability of data networks

Metsä Board follows closely the development of sustainability and packaging related regulation, such as the EU Green Deal, including the Circular Economy Action Plan as well as the Single Use Plastics Directive.

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