The Company applies the insider guidelines prepared by NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd, the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland and the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK. In addition, the Company’s Board of Directors has approved the Company’s own insider guidelines, which have been published in full on the Company website (see Related documents). The Company provides regular training to its insiders. The Company requires that all of its employees comply with the insider guidelines.

The secretary to the Board of Directors is responsible for the maintenance and administration of the Company’s insider registers. However, each individual is personally responsible for updating his/her personal, related party and share ownership information in the registers. The Company recommends only long-term investments and the use of share purchase programmes. The register of the Company’s permanent insiders is publicly available and Euroclear Finland Ltd is responsible for its maintenance. The register can be accessed via the Company's website (see See also list).

Statutory insiders include Board members, the CEO, and the auditors. Other permanent insiders include members of the Corporate Management Team, and such persons who have been appointed to legal, financial, research, development, communication and investor relation tasks, and thus receive inside information on a regular basis.

To enable the effective management of project related inside information, project-specific insider registers are established. Such registers contain information on persons who participate in the preparation of significant projects, such as capital markets transactions, mergers or corporate acquisitions. The Board chairman decides on the establishment and discontinuance of project-specific insider registers.

On an annual basis, the Company decides on silent periods, during which insiders are not allowed to trade in securities issued by the Company, or warrants or other similar securities targeting the Company’s securities.