Internal auditing assists the Board and CEO with their control tasks by evaluating the quality of internal control maintained in order to achieve the Company's objectives. In addition, internal auditing supports the organisation by evaluating and ensuring the functionality of business processes, risk management and the management and administration systems.

The key task of internal auditing is to assess the efficiency and suitability of internal control concerning the company's functions and units. In its assignment, internal auditing evaluates how well the operational principles, guidelines and reporting systems are adhered to, how property is protected and how efficiently resources are used. Internal auditing also acts as an expert in development projects related to its task area and prepares special reports at the request of the Audit Committee or operative management.

Internal auditing operates under the supervision of the Audit Committee and the CEO. Audit observations, recommendations and the progress of measures are reported to the management of the target audited, the company management and the auditor. Every six months, internal auditing reports its auditing measures, plans and operations to the Audit Committee. Internal auditing applies in its tasks a working order approved by the Board of Directors.

The action plan of internal auditing is prepared for one calendar year at a time. The aim is to allocate the auditing to all functions and units at certain intervals. Auditing is annually allocated to areas that are in a key position regarding the evaluated risk and the company’s objectives at the time. The topicality and appropriateness of the action plan are processed with the Company’s management every six months.

The scope and coordination of the auditing operations are ensured through regular communication and information exchange with other internal assurance functions and the auditor. When necessary, internal auditing uses external service providers for temporary additional resourcing or special expertise for carrying out demanding evaluation tasks.