Investment highlights

Strong core in high-quality paperboards

Investment highlights

  • A leading European folding boxboard and white fresh fibre linerboard producer

  • Main customers are consumer goods companies, converters and merchants

  • Best-in-class profitability and a technology leader
  • Steady cash flow generation and self-sufficiency in pulp

  • Valuable holdings in Metsä Fibre (24.9%) and Pohjolan Voima (2,6%)

  • Global sales to over 100 countries and eight production units in Finland and Sweden

Sales and operating result excl. NRIs

EUR million

Sales (EUR million) Operating result excl. NRIs (EUR million)
2012 2 108 75
2013 2 019 104
2014 2 008 137
2015 2 008 180
2016 1 720 137

Personnel 31.12.

Number of people

Personnel 31.12.
2012 3 552
2013 3 245
2014 3 200
2015 2601
2016 2 466

Financial targets

Metsä Board has set financial targets for return on capital employed, net gearing and dividend pay-out ratio.

Business segments

As the paper production ended in July 2016, Metsä Board modified its external reporting structure. From the third quarter of 2016 onwards Metsä Board uses only one reporting segment for its financial reporting.

Earlier Metsä Board reported its financial development through Paperboard and Non-core operations –segments. Paperboard segment included folding boxboard, white fresh fibre linerboard, wallpaper base and market pulp business operations. Non-core segment included the standard paper business operations. In addition, Metsä Board reported on Other operations those items, that were not directly allocated to reporting segments – like Head office costs and hedge accounting of sales.

Current one reporting segment include folding boxboard, fresh fibre linerboard and market pulp business operations as well as other operations – head office costs and hedge accounting of sales.

Sales split in 2016

Folding boxboard 50
Linerboard 25
Market pulp 15
Others 10

Sales by region in 2016

Americas 17