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Metsä Board as an investment

Metsä Board is a profitable pure-play paperboard company with a strong market position. We are a leading European producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards. Our lightweight paperboards are developed to provide better, safer and more sustainable solutions for consumer goods as well as retail-ready and food service applications. We work together with our customers on a global scale to innovate solutions for better consumer experiences with less environmental impact. The pure fresh fibres Metsä Board uses are a renewable resource, traceable to origin in sustainably managed northern forests.

Global megatrends are driving stronger demand for sustainable packaging, and the latest capacity additions support our growth in the coming years. Our goal is, that annual deliveries of our paperboard products grow faster than the average market growth.

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Operating environment

Global megatrends are shaping businesses and setting new requirements for packaging in terms of sustainability, safety and quality and offer significant opportunities for Metsä Board. Our strategic goal is to continue profitable growth that exceeds average market growth by utilising the new capacity.


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​In 2018, Metsä Board will publish the following financial reports: ​
​Financial statements bulletin 2017 ​8 February
Interim report for January–March 2018​ 3 May
​Half year financial report for January–June 2018 ​2 August
​Interim report for January–September 2018 ​8 November


Reports and presentations

Debt investors

Metsä Board’s financial operations have been centralized to Metsä Group Treasury, which is in charge of managing the Metsä Group companies’ financial positions according to the strategy and financial policy, providing necessary financial services and acting as an advisor in financial matters.

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Corporate governance


Metsä Board Corporation (Metsä Board or company) is a Finnish public limited company, whose A and B series shares are subject to public trading on the official list of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd (Helsinki Stock Exchange). Metsä Board’s administration is governed by Finnish laws and the regulations and rules set out pursuant to such laws. Metsä Board also follows Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd’s rules and recommendations as applicable to listed companies. As a Finnish listed company, Metsä Board applies the Finnish Corporate Governance Code (

Metsä Board prepares its financial statements and interim reports according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The financial statement documents are published in Finnish and English.

Metsä Board’s headquarters are located in Espoo, Finland. The Company’s registered domicile is Helsinki.

The Company’s statutory bodies are the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the CEO. In addition, a Corporate Management Team assists the CEO in the operative management of the company and coordination of its operations. The tasks and responsibilities of the different bodies are specified pursuant to the Finnish Companies Act.

Metsä Board has a function based organisation, including marketing and sales, production and technology, finance, business development and human resources. Functions are supported by centralised support functions, most of which are common with other Metsä Group companies. Support functions are based on specific service agreements, the terms of which are at arm's lenght.


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