Share  conversion


According to Metsä Board's Articles of Association, a shareholder may present the company with a request to convert an A share held by them into a B share. The request concerning conversion can usually be presented at any time, though not after the company's Board of Directors has made a decision to convene a General Meeting of Shareholders. A request made between said decision and the General Meeting that follows it is considered as presented and will be handled after the General Meeting and any possible reconciliation date to follow.

The A share is converted into a B share after the trade registration. Metsä Board processes all conversion requests it receives on the last weekday of each month. The converted B shares are on the shareholder's book-entry account and can be traded in about two weeks after the company has processed the conversion request. Once the shareholder has made a conversion request, their book-entry account will be subject to a disposal restriction entry, which means that the shareholder cannot sell their A shares before their conversion into B shares.

A shareholder wishing to convert shares must present a free-form conversion request in writing to Metsä Board, indicating the shareholder's personal identification code or business ID, the number of shares to be converted and the number of shares, book-entry account and account operator.
The conversion of the shares is voluntary: it is executed only at the request of the shareholder or the custodian of any nominee-registered shares entered in the book-entry system.

Please address written requests for conversion and any questions related to share conversion to:
Anne Nenonen
P.O.Box 20
FI-02020 Metsä

tel. +358 50 302 6858