During a silent period, Metsä Board does not comment on its financial performance or similar issues except for information on a material change in the market situation and the rectification of incorrect information. During the period, Metsä Board does not conduct any meetings with analysts or investors or give presentations in investor conferences. 

In 2018, the silent periods are:

​silent periodFinancial report​​Publishing date
​1.1.–7.2.2018The 2017 financial results​Thu 8.2.2018
​1.4.–2.5.2018Interim report January–March​Thu 3.5.2018
​1.7.–1.8.2018Interim report January–June​Thu 2.8.2018
​1.10.–7.11.2018Interim report January–September​Thu 8.11.2018​