Sustainable investment

Sustainable investment

Working sustainably, it creates value for our shareholders and customers. It also enables us to embrace opportunities.

Metsä Board's products are made from renewable fresh fibres. The company reduces its carbon footprint and improves its resource efficiency on a continuous basis. Due to its productive work, Metsä Board received several significant recognitions from CDP again in 2017.

Metsä Board has been reporting to CDP since 2010. In 2017, Metsä Board was once again rewarded a position on the CDP Water A List as well as on the CDP Climate A List. This was the third consecutive year that the company was included on the CDP Water A List and the second year on the CDP Climate A List. Metsä Board also achieved Leadership status in the CDP Forest programme for the third year in a row.

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CDP is an international, non-profit organ­isation that offers companies and municipal authorities a worldwide system for measuring, publishing, managing and distributing infor­mation about their environmental impact.