Why invest in Metsä Board?

Focus on ecological fresh fibre paperboards

We focus on premium fresh fibre products for consumer and retail packaging. The high performance of our products is based on technical excellence and tailor made high-quality Nordic pulps. 

A forerunner in sustainability

We have set ourselves very ambitious sustainability targets with which we aim, among other things, for fossil free mills and raw materials by 2030. Sustainability is strongly integrated in our business operations and strategy, and we have received several external recognitions of our actions in it. 

Megatrends support recyclable packaging solutions

Global megatrends – such as population growth, globalisation, urbanisation and climate change – support demand for fibre-based, recyclable and lightweight packaging materials and solutions. Globalisation and urbanisation increase the mobility of goods and the use of package. At the same time, the origin of materials, recyclability of packaging and product safety are becoming more important. The importance of resource efficiency is increasing, which is reflected in lifecycle and circular economy thinking. 

Together with the customers, we develop more environmentally friendly and efficient packaging solutions and use the potential of lightweight fresh fibre paperboards in an innovative way.

Strong position in a growing market

Metsä Board is a leading European producer of folding boxboard and white kraftliner. We have established our strong market position in Europe with long-lasting customer relationships – especially with brand owners. We are also the biggest producer of coated white kraftliner globally. In the Americas, and especially in the USA, we are the biggest importer of folding boxboard and coated white-top kraftliner. Several factors support the growth in the Americas: 1) limited local availability of premium, lightweight folding boxboard 2) non-integrated converters looking for alternative suppliers in paperboards, and 3) strong demand in food service applications made from fresh fibre paperboards. 

We expect the long-term global demand for premium paperboards to grow at an annual rate of 2–3%.

Good availability of raw material and self-sufficiency in pulp enable our future growth

As part of Metsä Group, we have an excellent access to our most important raw material – pure northern fibre, which is always 100% traceable. Our self-sufficiency in pulp guarantees the consistent and high quality of the fibre and enables the growth of our paperboard business. Both chemical softwood and hardwood pulp as well as mechanical pulp (BCTMP) are used in the production of Metsä Board’s paperboards. In addition to the company’s own pulp production, Metsä Board owns 24.9% of its associated company, Metsä Fibre. From 2021 onwards, Metsä Board's annual surplus in pulp is roughly 400,000 tonnes. Excess volumes are sold to the market.