Packaging innovation is about dreaming big

Cyril Drouet
​Packaging is what the consumer sees first, before the actual content of the product. Today, packaging design is arguably as important as product design, as it plays a major role in the success or failure of a product. Even if you have created something very useful, convincing customers to buy it often comes down to whether its packaging appeals to them on the shelves.

Most of our projects are the fruit of smooth cooperation with the customer, whose needs we discover through a professional dialogue. From this dialogue, a packaging brief is developed that specifically details their requirements. We then adapt our teams and working methods to meet those requirements and deliver an optimal solution based on our product portfolio.

From tradition to innovation

Our recent Elevated drink box packaging design, however, came about in a different manner. The initial spark for this innovation arose in brainstorming sessions for product ideas conducted by our litholamination team. The initial idea was simply that traditional beverage box style has been the same for decades, and that it might be time to propose something new.

Although we design a wide variety of packaging for diverse segments and markets, our approach to packaging design remains the same: we simply forget every existing feature of current solutions and rethink every single aspect to come up with a totally new product.

Toasting the future

With the Elevated drink box, our goal was to change the current habit of always positioning a beverage box on the edge of a table to allow the user to place a cup under the tap.

Our new, patented design solves this issue by raising the packaging and plastic tap with an integrated elevating base, which can be easily unfolded by the user. When the contents are finished, the bag can be easily removed from the box, helping the consumer to separate the materials into different waste streams.

To innovate, you have to dream big and forget all the social, ergonomic and technical obstacles that may be in your way. Once the ultimate idea of a packaging is taking shape for us, only then do we think how to make it possible and proceed to tweak our design for optimum production. It’s an approach that can work wonders and the Elevated drink box is a sterling example of the results.

Cyril Drouet

Design and Innovation Director


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