Sustainability meets luxury

Christophe Baudry

​When brand owners speak about luxury, it really means luxurious. I have noticed that more and more beauty companies are using pure raw materials such as wood or ceramic in their packaging, or they want packaging materials with a natural look and touch.

Paperboard is the perfect product to match with these expectations: paperboard is a renewable raw material, recyclable, strong and easy to convert. Paperboard also offers an array of possibilities as it can be laminated, embossed, printed, foil stamped, varnished or left totally uncoated.

Luxury packaging is now facing the demands of new busy and mobile lifestyles and new shopping habits. On-the-go is a big trend in the luxury segment, and final customers are increasingly expecting smaller, portable products. Most of the beauty care companies have launched new packaging designs that consumers can take everywhere and even go through security controls at airports.

Consumers look for experiences and they love to be delighted – not only in a traditional store but also when ordering online. Consumers want to live the box opening like a journey, and be surprised when they open the box they receive by post. E-commerce grows faster than total retail sales and, based on a recent study1, good looking packaging drives repeat online purchases. 

Packaging is a message

On top of protecting the product, packaging can convey a specific message. Brand owners now want packaging to deliver both luxury and sustainable expressions.

Several famous brand owners have publicly stated that they want to reduce and optimise packaging, use resources more efficiently and enable recycling. According to a survey2, 96% of the brand owners and retailers feel that sustainable packaging is important to the business. Especially the millennials are mindful of sustainability. They require full transparency regarding sustainability and they are even willing to pay more for sustainable goods.

The cosmetic industry has a special focus on ‘Less is more’ especially in terms of ingredients – and brand owners are reflecting this in their packaging. Luxury and simplicity are strong assets.

We at Metsä Board make lightweight paperboard and strive for packaging that creates better experiences with less environmental impact. Come to our booth at Luxe Pack Monaco in October 2017 and discover our new solutions and designs and hear more about our ‘Better with Less’ initiative! 


Sources: 1Dotcom Distribution eCommerce Packaging Study 2016, 2Pro Carton & Smithers Pira, Sustainability Study 2017


Christophe Baudry
Commercial Director Beautycare & Healthcare, Metsä Board


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