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Corporate governance
26.2.2020 Corporate Governance Statement 2019 doctype
26.2.2020 Remuneration Policy doctype
26.2.2020 Salary and Remuneration Report 2019 doctype
28.2.2019 Salary and Remuneration Report 2018 doctype
28.2.2019 Corporate Governance Statement 2018 doctype
28.2.2018 Corporate Governance Statement 2017 doctype
28.2.2018 Salary and Remuneration Report 2017 doctype
12.12.2017 Tax strategy of Metsä Board UK Limited doctype
4.5.2017 Metsä Board, Board Working Order doctype
1.3.2017 Salary and remuneration report 2016 doctype
1.3.2017 Corporate governance statement 2016 doctype
2.1.2017 Diversity Principles of the Board of Directors doctype
29.2.2016 Corporate Governance Statement 2016 doctype
29.2.2016 Salary and Remuneration Report 2015 doctype
27.2.2015 Corporate Governance Statement 2014 doctype
27.2.2015 Salary and Remuneration Report 2014 doctype
2.4.2014 Metsä Board Corporation Insider Guidelines doctype
2.4.2014 CEO's review webcast (AGM 2014) doctype
28.2.2014 Salary and Remuneration report of Metsä Board doctype
28.2.2014 Corporate Governance Statement of Metsä Board doctype
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